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Views and ideas from leading geospatial industry experts

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What We Do

At Geospatial Awareness Hub, we help you understand the world of geospatial technology better. We deal in spreading the word about the growing Geospatial business through meetups, education and more.

Geospatial Community Development

Organizing geospatial workshops, geo-mentors, geospatial capacity....

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Geospatial Education and Courses

Providing geospatial courses to educate the aspiring minds....

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Geospatial Consultancy Services

Offering skills, experience and knowledge to our clients willing....

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Freelance Provision

Enabling clients contact freelancers based on their project....

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Geospatial Talent Sourcing

Recruiting the best talents in the field of geospatial technology....

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Geospatial Technology

Geospatial Technology is one of the evolving fields that involves....

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Our Goals

Assistance in growing the Geospatial business.

Creating awareness ideas in the Geospatial community through inspiring ways.

Setting up workshops and lectures on institutional and corporate platforms.

Back Geospatial professionals in strengthening their skills through essential resources and training.

Who We Are

Geospatial Awareness Hub is a thriving name in the field of geospatial industry, encouraging geospatial professionals and aspiring young minds in the field to contribute in the growth of Geospatial technology through education, business and employment.

What Industry Experts Say?

We have joined with several geospatial associates and experts and here’s what they say about us.

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