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Geospatial Impact Stories with Sanjiv Jha

The first episode of the series we are excited to have Mr. Sanjeev Jha, Principal Solution Architect, Smart Infra at Amazon Web Services. Prior to that he was associated with Quantela as Chief Data Scientist, engaged in building smart city analytics platform under which he has been managing various geospatial projects including ministry of urban observatory. He is having more than 20+ years of experience in IT industry.

The Gis Community Learning, Growing and Evolving Through Their Passion

Through the wonderful campaign of #IAMGEOSPATIALYAWARE we came across Eleza Kollannur’s journey as a GIS leader. She has been working as a GIS analyst from the past 11 years in the water sector. She holds her background in the field of architecture and environmental planning. By following her passion in GIS, she joined the STANTEC in Pune, in the year 2010. Through that, she got an opportunity to learn, grow and develop many GIS tools in the field of water and waste water sector. She recently achieved her charter ship from the Royal Geographic Society, UK. She has carried out many drainage studies in the UK and the Mid-East. Her present job tends her to support the drainage team in Qatar. She has also been into mapping, analysing and managing GIS data in various projects.

The Geospatial Community Doing Wonders to Create Transitions in The Society

The campaign #IAMGEOSPATIALYAWARE, initiated by the Geospatial Awareness Hub, has pulled in GIS leaders who believe, together they can create a change. Vikash Shivare, Geospatial Data Scientist at Quanteca Inc, says that this technology plays an utmost role in our day to day lives. These information enables us to analyse a particular situation. He believes, when GIS combined with other disciplines, can welcome great transitions. Also Krishna Lodha, the founder of The Map Society, tells us how the daily used apps make so much profit. These apps do wonders not mostly because of their services but because of the GIS information they use. GIS community is working immensely towards finding more ways for using these data.

Data Being the New Era Natural Resource

GIS leader Priya Gaikwad, Sr. Analyst at Aryaman Technologies has been into GIS Analytics for over nine years. She has been enjoying the process of working with modern data technology to serve large and complex GIS solutions. She talks about the Google’s self-driving cars and Amazon’s prime air delivery where Geospatial Information Systems save the transformative solutions. Being a part of this community she gets to interact with multiple companies. The campaign #IAMGEOSPATIALYAWARE, initiated by the Geospatial Awareness Hub has brought in these bright minds into a common platform, where they can together inspire, influence and enhance the growth of Geospatial Technology.

Hear It Out Straight from The Leaders Aiming to Transform Local into Global Awareness

Abhishek Rathod, CEO of Lowaaska Technologies believes in the idea that GIS Technology can solve 4.0 industrial global issues. Kendrick O. Faison, feels highly obliged about his eligibility of providing data on an everyday basis. This ability of him can change numerous lives to a great extent. In the field of mining, the effectiveness can be improved through combining hyperspectral data from centralised and in mind operations with machine learning, says Friederike Koerting, COO rad, Data Spectral Analytics. Kiran Machikanti, the founder of Mapsol Geospatial Solutions Inc, idealises the geospatial world as a local awareness incorporated into a global one. These budding ideas can strongly influence the GIS community and the campaign #IAMGEOSPATIALYAWARE can bloom gracefully in the coming times.