Geospatial Technology

Geospatial Technology is one of the evolving fields that involves Remote Sensing, Geographic Information System (GIS) and Global Positioning System (GPS). It enables to access data in reference to the earth and makes informed decisions depending on the significance and priority of the resources. Most of these resources are limited in the environment.

At Geospatial Awareness Hub, we extend our contribution to spreading awareness on how geospatial technology is used to create intelligent models and maps that are queried interactively to get the expected results in a STEM application. It can also be used in advocating policy-based research and social investigations. The use of geospatial technology is not just confined to this but it can also help to reveal spatial patterns that embed in large volumes of data that is not probably mapped or accessed collectively.

Spreading the importance of geospatial technology

Geospatial Awareness Hub is a platform built to spread knowledge and information on how geospatial technology is becoming an important part of our daily lives. Be it the UBER or OLA cab that you book every day for office or the food coming to you from the agriculture lands, geospatial technology is everywhere. From personal fitness centres to daily transportation in cities, geospatial technology is the crucial key of carrying out these daily activities.

We, at GAH, also make efforts in showcasing how geospatial technology through its typical components like GIS, GPS and remote sensing, can help in building a brighter future for the present and coming generations.

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