Geospatial Education and Courses

At GAH, we organize online geospatial tutorials for individuals who desire to make a career in geospatial technology. We offer a wide range of education programs that will help you get a clearer understanding of the various geospatial aspects.

Our Main Geospatial Education Programs Are:

Fundamentals of GIS using open source software

In this tutorial, GIS is introduced as a tool for doing geographic analysis and designing maps. You will also learn the process of navigating a GIS interface, the process of creating thematic maps and the ways to prepare layers and organize geographic analysis.

Fundamentals of Remote Sensing using Open Source Software

In this geospatial course, we focus on the basics of remote sensing and educates you with the evolving open source remote sensing software that is becoming an important solution for governmental, commercial and scientific applications.

Geospatial Analysis with Python

This geospatial course focuses on explaining the process of automating geospatial analysis workflow with Python. You will get to have the idea of coding GIS in only 60 lines of Python. Other important things that you will learn through this course include creating thematic maps using Python tools like OGR, PyShp and the Python Imaging Library, producing elevation contours through Python tools, knowing about the various formats of geospatial data, reading and writing different geospatial data-sets, application of geoprocessing tools and visualization, etc  

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