Freelance Provision

By freelance provision, we mean to provide work opportunities to people who are looking forward for jobs in the geospatial field. If you are a freelancer seeking new projects relevant to your geospatial work areas, you can reach us to get the best clients. Not only freelancers, corporates can also contact us to get an expert freelancer to support them in their geospatial projects. We are a team of experts who connect freelancers and geospatial corporates to work together building friendly yet professional work-relationship. So, if you are looking for a freelance Geospatial Data Scientist, GIS Engineer, Lidar Specialist, GIS Developer or GIS Analyst for your projects or if you are looking for freelance work projects in any of the mentioned fields, we have got your back.  

Join Hands With Us and Be a Part of Our Journey in Promoting, Engaging and Strengthening Geospatial Technology.