This is a public webinar on SatSure Cygnus, our latest innovation that solves the cloud cover problem in agriculture monitoring, where we shall demonstrate on what SatSure Cygnus is, how it works, share our validation analysis and confidence information, and how to access the SatSure Cygnus data for insurance applications.

With the challenges of cloud cover in satellite remote sensing for agricultural monitoring, we are unable to make efficient decisions in our business and in turn face operational inefficiencies and monetary losses.

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SatSure Cygnus, our latest groundbreaking product, is a high revisit frequency virtual constellation for agriculture monitoring that solves the persistent problem of cloud cover in satellite imagery. This one-of-a-kind product uses deep learning techniques and converts coarse resolution and SAR data to optical datasets at medium resolution with a 3-day data frequency.

This means its feasible to provide clear data even on heavy cloud cover days of monsoon along with the necessary corresponding crop data analysis.

Geospatial Awareness Hub being an outreach partner with Satsure, cordially invite you to the webinar on 22nd March 2021

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