Geospatial awareness

Nowadays, Geospatial awareness and location data is changing the way of living, and way of running our businesses from smartphones. Visualizing data is helping us to vision where things are and to understand why they happen there. You will surprise to know that 80% of data generated has a location component.

However, Carto is a world’s leading intelligence platform that is enabling many organizations to analyses for more efficient delivery paths. Moreover, Carto is helping them for strategic store placement and better behavioral marketing. Most of the data scientists and developers use Carto to optimize their business processes.

Traditionally, spatial analysis has become too intricate for general use. Nowadays, there is an expansion in the growth of data science, and every industry needs a geospatial awareness. Therefore, the location intelligence platform Carto is helping these companies to store, analyze and visualize their data to make spatially aware decisions.

Spatial data science conference

There is big news for everyone who wants to and who is working in the geospatial education field. Carto is helding a spatial data science conference online from October 19 to 23, where you will get to be aware of the diversity of Geospatial education.

This online meeting will bring together Geospatial awareness experts at the intersection of data science and GIS. However, it includes workshops and presentations that cover cutting edge techniques in machine learning and novel utilities of spatial data.

Here are the world’s best speakers in Geospatial awareness that will also join in this conference.

Sasso Bruzzese

Saso Bruzzese

Sasso Bruzzes is holding a degree in computer science from the University of Pisa. However, he is a director of software engineering at clear channel Europe. Across several industries, Sasso has an enormously rewarding career in software engineering, covering multiple senior technical roles. In the conference, he will be talking about how enterprise organizations use spatial data science to empower people all around the world.

Dr Benjamin Thurer

Benjamin Thurer

With a former background in neuroscience, Dr Benjamin Thurer is a Data scientist at Unacast. However, Unacast is a platform where the experts empower industries to make better decisions and build the best products by understanding the physical activities of humans around the world. On October 23, he will inspire us how location analytics is changing our world. Moreover, he will tell us how to overcome our common problems in location data.

Bilal Lodhi

Bilal Lohdi

Bilal Lodhi is an advanced analytics director at Bain and company. He is a knowledgeable specialist in big data analytics. Moreover, Bilal has extensive experience in various other fields such as predictive modelling, customer segmentation, white space analysis, pricing research and complexity reduction. He will speak on mapping spatial insights to value and tell us how enterprise organizations use spatial data science.

Stephanie Sy

Stephanie Sy

Stephanie Sy is a global data science consultant and the founder of thinking machines. However, the work of this company is to build AI and data systems that will help many organizations to make data-driven business decisions. In conference, she will be speaking on spatial analysis vs COVID-19.     

David Potere

David Potere

David Potere is ahead of Geo innovation at Indigo. Moreover, he is also the co-founder and CEO of Indigo company. With extensive knowledge in Geo innovation, David is building a set of technologies for translating imagery of the Earth into a living map of the world’s food supply. In this online conference, he will be getting his hands-on learning the skills of today’s spatial data scientist.

Paul Goodship

Paul Goodship

Paul Goodship is an experienced data scientist at Atkins. His focus is on unlocking and using spatial data for development opportunities. Moreover, Paul analyses, models, and creates environment data. In the conference, he will be talking on how spatial modelling is used in cities and Government.

However, most of the world’s best speakers are coming together in one single online experience to inspire you with their vision for the future of Spatial data science.

Future of Geospatial education due to the collaboration of Carto with Geospatial awareness hub

The tremendous collaboration of Carto and Geospatial awareness hub will inspire you for the better future of Spatial data science. This collaboration will help you to learn how to use new Geospatial technology in your data science workflows.

However, there will be an enormous growth of spatial data science in future that will affect the location intelligence ecosystem. The combination of Carto and Geospatial awareness hub will create openness, and more organizations will have access to GIS software and data. Moreover, there will be an expansion in the use of spatial data in most of the small businesses.

The trends like data analytics continue to take off around the world, transforming geographic information science and helping to change the way organizations utilize these technologies. However, it will help you to connect with industries, experts and innovators from a range of companies to teach you some spatial thinking skills, helping to manage and use spatial data more effectively.

Lastly, this collaboration aims to bring Geospatial awareness all around the world, focusing on the latest modelling techniques and new data streams that will help you to overcome your biggest data challenges.

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