CARTO, an eight years old Location Intelligence Platform, is conducting the world’s one the most exclusive events that is the Spatial Data Science Conference 2020 in October. The SDSC focuses on enhancing the Spatial Data Science industry and how it has helped develop the Location Intelligence space.


The SDSC gives many inquisitive minds a platform to interact with many industry experts where they can learn and seek guidance from their experience. It is an occasion where these minds can learn about spatial modeling, machine learning, geoprocessing at scale, spatial statistics and other variant uses of the spatial data sets.

The SDSC was introduced in the year 2017. As it is believed that the world has been entering into an era of an unprecedented amount of location data, many questions had aroused. This global conference was the space where academics, practitioners, technologists and industry leaders came together and discussed challenges and the objectives of Spatial Data Science. The first SDSC conference was organized in Brooklyn, New York, which was a major showdown.

Few Highlights from SDSC 2019

The SDSC 2019 conducted at the Columbia University, New York, US, on the 16th of October, 2019, was a massive success. It had pulled in more than 500 individuals from different geographical locations and spheres. There were many eminent speakers from Spatial Data Science and other related disciplines who had shared much valuable information.

Anna Dixon and Michael Dowd from DataKind shared their thoughts and views on how Spatial Data Science helps inflate social good. Neera Chatterjee from Instacart threw some light on the wide range from growth hacking to growth mapping. A unique data stream panel consisting of Frode Bjerke, Janine Yoong, Adam Waksman, Edward Lee and Lauren Spiegel spoke about improving the spatial models with the new location data streams.

Julia Koschinsky from the University of Chicago spoke about making the Spatial Access Measurement accessible. As providing better route services has been a priority, James McClain, from Azavea, shared his insight on the vehicle routing problem. He discussed optimizing the routes for school busses in Philadelphia through Spatial Analysis. Also, Rayne Gaisford from Jefferies spoke about the various applications of geospatial analysis.

Apart from the speakers, as mentioned earlier, many more eminent personalities spoke on various other subjects. Having received such great insights, the participants of SDSC 2019 have widely benefitted from their experience.

SDSC 2020 Happening Online due to COVID-19

As SDSC 2020 will be conducted on an online medium, there is the hope of connecting to a larger mass. There is no requirement of traveling across places or continents to make it to this conference. Thanks to COVID-19 due to which you will be getting an opportunity to be a part of this global conference right from your home. Sticking to the guideline laid by the WHO for COVID-19 and keeping everyone’s health and safety as a priority SDSC 2020 webinar is being conducted online. But whether virtual or real, there will be no difference. Even though it is online, some significant events, workshops, talks and other programs have been lined up to provide you a lifetime experience.

Eminent Speakers at SDSC 2020

Few of the many glorified personalities who will be a part of the speaker’s panel of SDSC 2020 are:

  • Felipe Hoffa- He has been working on the Google Cloud Platform tools to analyze and understand data like never before.
  • Javier de la Torre- He is the man under whose guidance CARTO has grown into the world’s most efficient geospatial companies.
  • Stephanie Sy- She has been encouraging companies to make data-driven business decisions through her work that is providing Artificial Intelligence and database systems.
  • Levi John Wolf- He has been researching on methods and models for analyzing city systems.
  • Chigozie Edson Utazi- He has been vigorously focusing on how to settle down the health and development problems through Spatial Data Science.

Well, apart from these eminent speakers, there will be many more such wonderful, inspiring personalities. Thus, SDSC 2020 is going to be one of the most exciting and resourceful online webinar.

Geospatial Awareness Hub Promoting SDSC 2020

The Geospatial Awareness Hub has been promoting the awareness of geospatial technology. As the SDSC 2020 focuses on the importance of Spatial Data Science and how it enriches the Location Intelligence space, Geospatial Awareness Hub is actively promoting this event. The objectives of SDSC 2020 and Geospatial Awareness Hub both fall under the industry of the geospatial community. As SDSC 2020 is one of the massive demonstrations of the geospatial community, promoting it will highly enhance Geospatial Awareness Hub’s primary objectives. Thus, geospatial technology plays a vital role in today’s era, and we must be aware of it. To dive deeper into this concept, join the SDSC 2020 webinar from the 19th to 23rd of October 2020. With this webinar, you will connect with hundreds of people from different locations and receive immense knowledge that will make you geospatially aware.

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